Local Jewelry with Sweet Design

Rachael Poston created Roscata, a web-store on Etsy obsessed with sweet accessories. From carrot cake to donuts to sushi with chopsticks, Poston's foodie personality delectably informs her jewelry designs. Poston's adorable adornments are done by hand with polymer clay, as a side project to a full-time job at an environmental firm as a biologist. OC Weekly recently interviewed Poston, who lives in Long Beach.


OCW: Which is your favorite piece? Why?

RP: that's actually a hard one. I'm pretty simple. However, my favorites are the ones that were fun to make. I think that my balloon dog necklaces are the best which is weird because they're not food. Maybe because when I look at them they remind me of how my 30-year-old brother is still really scared of clowns.

OCW: How's business?

RP: Business is great! I love having control of something and feeling good about overcoming obstacles, achieving my goals, and being proud of the products I produce. I've only been working with poly clay and selling on Etsy for a little over a year an a half but one of the best parts about having a business, especially on Etsy, is that I've made TONS of friends.  I've made several friends that do local craft shows and they are some of the most talented, self-driven, independent, and creative people I've ever met.  I think that aspect is probably one of the reasons that's kept me going with my business.

OCW: Would you ever do this full-time?

RP: Right now I'm focusing on my biology career although a tiny part of me would think it would be so cool to do that part time and be a tiny food factory; however, biology is what pays the bills!

OCW: What other types of crafts are you interested in?

RP: I've taken a jewelry metal-smithing class and loved it. I think that if I couldn't work with poly clay, I'd be at the bench with a torch making jewelry. I think that I prefer working with more tactile media that produce three-dimensional creations. I like thinking about the process and making something that can be viewed and manipulated from all angles.

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