Krist Novoselic on Flipper—and in Them

Ex-Nirvana bassist/current political activist Krist Novoselic hosts an exclusive live Flipper track in his column this week on our sister paper Seattle Weekly's blog. The song's recorded by Jack Endino, the studio wiz who produced Bleach about 18 years ago. Novoselic currently plays bass in Flipper, who reunited in 2005.

Flipper were my favorite American punk band because they wrote the funniest lyrics and they wittily bucked the conformist punk trend of loud/fast/stoopid rules (actually, slow/loud/smart rules; make a note of it). Check out Krist's column and the track (“Way of the World”) here.

And here's a clip of a much younger Flipper doing “In Life My Friends” in 1982.

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