Incredible Segues I Have Heard

Last night at Kitsch Bar in Costa Mesa, DJ aDJective (Steve Fisch) transitioned from the Kingston Trio's “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” (dewy, earnest folk song from 1962) to Public Enemy's “Public Enemy No. 1” (hard-as-nails, toughness-flaunting rap track from 1987). Damn. That's some ballsy whimsy right there.

(You can catch aDJective spinning at Kitsch on Thursday and Friday nights and at Memphis at the Santora on Saturdays.)

While at venues where dance floors must be filled it may be impractical to swing so wildly among genres, more DJs should attempt this absurd non-sequitur style of spinning. Predictability is the bane of most club nights.

Below see video evidence of the songs under discussion.

“Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

“Public Enemy #1”

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