I'm Obsessed With This Song (For the Time Being)

lovetones-press2007“Wintertime in Hollywood” by the Lovetones is not the type of song that normally takes hostage of my internal jukebox in 2007, but it's been doing just that for the last two days. Its full, chiming guitars, swooping bass line, mellifluous white soul vocals and profound tone of bittersweet wistfulness move me to my almost-hollow core. That and it reminds me a lot of George Harrison's “My Sweet Lord” crossed with Ringo Starr's “It Don't Come Easy,” which is a fantastic thing to be reminded of—even in 2007.

You can find “Wintertime in Hollywood” on the Lovetones' sporadically brilliant psych-rock album, Axiom (Tee Pee Records; out June 19) or go to the Australian band's MySpace page for immediate gratification. I'm also pleased to report that they will be playing The Prospector in Long Beach on June 16.

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