I Grew Up in Huntington

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAll the great cities in America have great songs to go along with them; classic personifications that truly capture the city’s personality. New York City has “New York, New York” by Sinatra of course, Tony Bennett, with his brand of eternal class offered up “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” There’s Randy Newman’s, “I Love LA,” which must have been written either ironically or at whatever time of day that there’s no traffic. Hell, even San Jose was honored by singer and Psychic Friend, Dionne Warwick, though whether or not San Jose is a great American city is debatable.

There’s another great American city with a great song, and it’s right here in the OC. Huntington Beach finally has the tune it deserves: “Huntington Beach,” by white rap duo, Hot N Spicy. The hook? “I grew up in Huntington. Fuck you bitch.”

If there ever was an anthem for the HB alpha male, this is it. If you’re not familiar, cruise Main Street on Friday Night.

This track dropped a while back so it’s nothing new, but as a classic it really is timeless. My favorite line: “I arm wrestle, skinny bitches, and I win, cause I’m strong muscles.” Wow.

Listen here.

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