Gettin' Made: Wash Your Mouth Out

I think we know each other well enough now for me to share that when I was seven, I got my mouth washed out with soap.

If only these awesome food soaps had been around back then! It wouldn't have tasted any better I'm sure, but it would've been neat to pretend that I was eating actual food instead of bubbly nastiness!

After the jump, more eye-deceiving soaps from Etsy that look good enough to eat.


The great thing about this assortment is you could keep some and give some to your friends– but really, let's face it. You're going to keep all of them.

I think it'd be a fun trick to put this pepperoni pizza soap in the fridge at work to see who tries to sneak a slice from the box. You'd know the culprit by the foam around the mouth!

Ok, be honest. If you gave kids Gummi Bear soaps for Halloween, would they be upset because they got soap? Or superhappy because they got soap that looks like Gummi Bears?

This set is completely amazing, right down to the fact that the pb&j sandwich soap smells like peanut butter and jelly. Sign me up.

It's your turn to share! Post a link to your favorite food-looking Etsy soaps before midnight tonight and you'll be automatically entered in the Long Beach Craft Mafia giveaway in Monday's Gettin' Made post!

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