Gettin' Made: Suck It

There is no escaping it–between the new Twilight movie coming out soon, and True Blood (and now Vampire Diaries) on the boob tube, bloodsuckers are everywhere. Including this blog! There's definitely a fair share of “inspired by Twilight” crafts available on Etsy, but never fear–there's plenty of the Transylvania types for the rest of us, too.


I love how subtle this vampire necklace is! The illusion necklace is a hot new trend on Etsy–check out the vampire necklace's close cousin, the zombie necklace!

OMG these little vampire shoes fill me with so much glee!

I've never seen Blacula but always wanted to–I'm loving this glow in the dark soap featuring a scene from the classic '70s film!

Rounding out our vampirey selections is a great piece by Axelhoney! Quite possibly the most loveable bat ever!

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