Gettin' Made: So Long, Farewell…

This economy hasn't been good to any of us lately, and it's always hard to hear the effects when it hits close to home.

The Kids Are Alright, gift shop treasure trove of indie designer (and for the most part, handmade) goodies, is closing its brick and mortar shop in downtown Long Beach after a many-months-long duel with a recession that has little mercy for independently owned store owners. As they were the host of one of my solo art shows a year ago, that's more than a little rough to hear.


To soften the blow, this shop (which delighted shoppers first in
Silverlake six years ago before moving to Long Beach) will be offering
special sales in store throughout its final days, and is offering
$6.50 shipping on all orders placed online through December 31, 2009.
Maritza Arrua assures us that The Kids Are Alright will not be
disappearing completely–they will be keeping the online store running,
and you should definitely keep them in mind for all your gift giving
occasions that require something a little more unique than what you'll
find at the mall.

I'm pouring out a beer on the sidewalk for The Kids Are Alright tonight–it's goodbye, but hopefully not for good.


The Kids are Alright is located at 3405 East Broadway in
downtown Long Beach, and will be closing on November 15. For more
information and to shop online, visit
the website.

The Kids Are Alright is a sponsor for the upcoming Patchwork Craft Fair in Long Beach on November 29. Check out the Patchwork website for more details.

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