Gettin' Made: Santa's on his way…

Wishing you all the best of holidays with tonight's visit from the jolly fat man in red! Let's take a look at some quirky Etsy Santa selections:

You can never go wrong pairing a holiday icon with Journey lyrics. (Although if he's watching you when you sleep, maybe Foreigner's “Dirty White Boy” would be a little more accurate.)

After the jump, more Santas to rock your holiday.


You know sooner or later a zombie attack is gonna happen – how about we celebrate it early?

I love how simplistically wacky this Santa is – he's available with lots of different picket sign sayings, or you can order him with a blank sign so you can write your own!

It's a science fact that everyone at least once in their life has made fun of Santa saying Ho Ho Ho – here, artist Buster McGee takes the joke to the next pimped out level. Happy holidays everyone!

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