Gettin' Made: No Need to Argue, Cranberries are Delicious!

So last week we took a look at some delicious turkey crafts on Etsy–in keeping with the Thanksgiving feast theme, let's take a look at some mouthwatering cranberries.

These delicate cranberries are sure to class up any of you turkeys. I really love the different shades of berry all mixed together. After the jump, more cranberry finds from talented Etsy crafters.


I like to look at this piece and imagine that I live in a place that isn't 76 degrees in November.

Thankfully it's chilly in the mornings at least–this cranberry concoction from Beautiful Bridget is perfect for getting from your house to the car on your way to work.

Looking for a special cranberry something to wear to your turkey dinner? This huge flower ring is sure to divert the conversation from Aunt Lynda's homemade cranberry sauce back to you, where it belongs.

And to top it off, take a look at this amazing cranberry-colored handbag. I'm not really a purse person… but I think with a bag like this, I could become one pretty quick.

Your turn: What are some of your favorite cranberry-colored items on Etsy?

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