Gettin' Made: Mask-it Case

I already know what I'm going to be for Halloween this year, which is totally out of the ordinary. Despite being super-creative, for whatever reason most years I end up waiting til the last minute and dressing up as something stupid for the holiday. (my “American Maid from the Tick” and “Elvira Going As The Bearded Lady” costumes were exceptions.)

This year I'll be a Liberty Tax Sign Spinner, and if you steal my idea I'll hunt you down and hit you over the head with my giant cardboard arrow! Looking for your own Halloween inspiration? Check out these great handmade masks from Etsy!

After the jump, more great masks to make your Halloween costume quick and easy!


Don't want to go to a lot of trouble with a big extravagant costume? Tie one on with this bandana mask!

This one gets extra points for the element of surprise involved! Keep your shirt on, man!

No post-apocalyptic-raver Halloween costume is complete without one of these light-up respirator masks! Another bonus – when people start smelling less than fresh at that dance party you're going to, you won't smell a thing.

I love this panda mask! So simple and cute and wearable… would it be all right to wear this every day and not just on Halloween? I'm gonna say yes.

Need something for the day after Halloween? Masked Rabbit Crafts has you covered!

Seen any other cool masks on Etsy? Share your links in the comments here and you'll be automatically entered to win the free Lucky Finds Designs purse from Monday's Gettin' Made post! (See Monday's post for details!)

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