Gettin' Made: Dirty Little Crafting Secrets

Ok it's time to 'fess up. I'm afraid you might think less of me, but here goes.

When I'm knitting, I almost never do a swatch to measure my gauge before I start a project.

If you're not a knitter, let me cue you in. A swatch gauge is an important part of starting a project–it helps you figure out if your garment will turn out the right size in the end. If you're knitting too loosely or tightly, knitting a swatch gauge will point that out and help you compensate for it from the start so the finished project turns out right.

I've been knitting avidly for about five years now, and have completed hats, sweaters, scarves, blankets… the list goes on. I've done a gauge swatch I think about twice ever. (Once for that sweater, and once for a baby blanket.)

(I almost never wash my brand new fabric before sewing with it. I'm just impatient is all!)

So let's all share–what's the skeleton in your crafting process closet?

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