Gettin' Made: Diggin' That Faux Bois (That's Fake Wood To You)

One of my favorite motifs in indie crafting right now is faux bois (pronounced foe-bwah), which is basically a wood grain pattern. While wood panelling may look scary as hell on a wall, it looks completely badass on arts and crafts. If it please the court, I'd like to present my evidence:



You can totally love wood and save some trees in the process by keeping this coffee cozy in your purse for trips to Starbucks.

Your faux bois doesn't necessarily have to be brown, either! Check out this great pink faux bois message board.

I'm totally loving this piece featuring all kinds of tree rings, with it's combo of blues and browns.

Love that special someone or just faux bois in general? Share your love with this funky faux bois necklace!

Your turn to share – what's your favorite wood-grained gem on Etsy? Give us a link to it in the comments and you'll automatically be entered to win a free cupcake ring in your choice of color from Shari Bonnin of Bonnin Designs! (See Monday's Gettin' Made post for rules and details.)

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