Gettin' Made: And Sent Off to ReForm School

Heading to Los Angeles for the grand opening of Home Ec tonight? Don't forget to stop by the shop that gave Home Ec its start, I'm talkin' about a little place down the block known as ReForm School.

After the jump, see some more of ReForm School's indie crafts by local artists and find out about their current online sale.


If you saw the recent Los Angeles premiere of Handmade Nation, you saw quite a bit of the proprietors of ReForm School, Billie and Tootie. These gals have been friends since high school, and have always dreamed of having their own shop. Their love and enthusiasm for all things handmade shines through in their selections of indie craft goodies from all over. Expect to see lots of recycled materials being used in the items for sale – they explain on the website:

“Sustainable design is a huge focus for us, and green living is important to us, not only in business but in our personal lives as well. We wanted to be eco-friendly without being too in-your-face about it. The last thing we wanted was to be another shop selling all things hemp N bamboo ( not that we don't love hemp N bamboo).”

ReForm School is a shop where you could find something for just about anyone (kids and adults alike) on your shopping list. This works out well, since they're currently having a sale on their website – if you spend $150 or more online, you'll save 25%. Just use the coupon code “COOL25” thru Friday, September 4 and pow, you're smart shopping!

ReForm School is located at 3902 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90029. For more information on the store and to shop online, visit their website.

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