Gettin' Made: and Makin' Magic

Mama's Magic Studio is the work of stay-at-home mom Jen Johnson from up north in San Jose. When she's not chasing after the little ones, she's crafting up a storm for her Etsy shop.

I know it feels like far from autumn during the day lately, but I'm almost sure I saw some leaves that had turned this color falling from a tree in MIssion Viejo yesterday. After the jump, check out some more great pieces by this crafty mom.


The birds nest pendants Jen makes are so intricate–those are freshwater pearls posing as eggs. Be sure to check out the Mama's Magic Studio website for more color options. Different numbers of pearls are available in the nest, which could be a cute present for that special mom on your holiday shopping list.

It's always fun to hear exciting news about fellow crafters getting discovered –join me in congratulating Jen on having her fabulous handmade wooden knitting needles featured in the Fall 2009 issue of Interweave Knits Magazine!

This one goes out to previous Gettin' Made featured crafter Shari Bonnin, who had recently twittered about getting home one night to discover that she had been wearing two drastically different earrings all day. Jen Johnson not only makes pairs of earrings that are mismatched, but they're mismatched earrings that look amazing together!


For more information on Mama's Magic Studio, visit the Jen's website, Etsy site, blog or Twitter. Already a fan? Tell her so on Facebook!

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