Gettin' Made: And Lookin' Wickedly Chic, Too

With the thousands and thousands of Etsy stores out there, along with other indie craft shopping sites like Artfire springing up and independant artist shops as well, it can be a little overwhelming to shop! What's a girl (or guy!) to do? Rest easy, folks, Wickedly Chic is here to lend a helping hand.

After the jump, all the info you need to become Wickedly Chic.


Wickedly Chic was started in June 2006 by Liz Nonnemacher, a full-time mom who was looking for a way to showcase and promote indie businesses of all kinds. It's a site that offers daily picks of online awesomeness; you can also find in-depth features, fun N informative business information and giveaways! What's one of the greatest things about the site? Liz lays it out for us:

“One of the best things about Wickedly Chic is that no matter what the economic state of the world, you'll rarely see items that cost more than $100.00. And if they do, I can assure you that they're worth it – otherwise you wouldn't see them here. This is a good thing because let's face it, the majority of us want excellent value from what we buy without breaking the bank. We like to treat ourselves without (too much) guilt.”


Another fun feature on the Wickedly Chic site is the Reader of the Week – Liz gives a little background on a different person each week, and that person gets to spill the beans on their own favorite indie shops. So get movin', people! If you e-mail in**@wi**********.com, you can get on the list to be featured!


For more information on Wickedly Chic, visit the website . To find out about Wickedly Chic giveaways and more, sign up for their newsletter here.

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