Get Yer Hands Dirty… and Your Ears Blown Out

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DJ Chaz moved the crowd and worked a mean air horn.

Friday Oct. 12 at Santa Ana’s Proof Bar, the monthly Get Yer Hands Dirty night went off with several bangs. But the indoor/outdoor party suffered a setback when police pulled the plug on the back patio outdoor stage due to a neighbor’s noise complaint. (I too had a noise complaint, more of which later.)

Nevertheless, the revelry continued inside (and folks continued to socialize and smoke outside with a passion that must’ve pleased the Camel reps peddling their vile product) with New York’s Charles “Chaz” Requina, L.A.’s Gina Turner and Louisahhh and others unveiling A-list tracks guaranteed to hype crowds. Federico Franchi’s “Cream” (anthem of 2007—sorry Justice) made its expected appearance, proving that it never fails to elevate moods and increase dance-floor activity. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it [see/hear the amazingly inventive video below].

Peak-time bangers (including much Daft Punk) prevailed, with frequent air-horn blasts. Note to DJs: air horns won’t overcompensate for mediocre selections and said toy should be used sparingly; diminishing returns, etc. Something’s wrong when I remember your air horn’s annoying eeee-waaaaaah more than your cuts. Still, as a soundtrack for mad dancing, excessive drinking and snorting, and blacking out in strange beds, Get Yer Hands Dirty was a smashing success.

However, the night had some more sour notes, as someone walked off with promoter/DJ Dan Sena’s Technics headphones and I spilled a full bottle of beer (not mine; sorry!) on myself. The eau de Corona on my person did not help me in the strange bed department, I’m sorry to report.

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