Floored by Do-Knock

Sunday at Plush Cafe in Fullerton, I had the unexpected pleasure of witnessing the breakdancing skills of Riverside's Do-Knock. I'd come to this intimate spot to check Chris “Urthworm” Alfaro's DJ set, and he duly impressed with his excellent, unobvious selections (Shocking Blue's “Love Buzz” the Doors' “Peace Frog,” couple of Jungle Brothers' and Specials' joints, Funkadelic's “One Nation Under a Groove,” ESG's “Dance” and many more juicy jams that spurred much popping and locking).

About a half dozen dudes busted some impressive moves, but one clearly rose above the spinning masses: Do-Knock, of the Battle Monkeys crew. Apparently, this Inland Empire B-boy has won three Star Search competitions, but since I never watch TV, I'd been oblivious to this fact. So Señor Knock gave me and a solid, enthusiastic crowd a crash course on his acrobatic repertoire, and he had my head spinning. I've seen a lot of breaking in my day, but this guy moved with a spellbinding swiftness and Olympic-gymnast efficiency and power that surpassed anything I've ever observed, even in New York City's parks.

Below is a highlight reel of Do-Knock's stuff, but, seriously, I think he outdid many of these stunts at Plush, with nothing at stake but his pride. Mofo is a pure, wicked showman. I felt privileged to be mere feet away from this rhythmic dynamo's whirligig feet and super-human feats.

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