Drive to Upland, have your mind blown.

I know this is in Upland, and I know Upland is far, and I also know that I can't make it tonight because of a previous engagement. BUT Tonight you can see a shit-ton of sandblasting superstars: BARR, John Thill, AM, and This Song is a Mess but So Am I. Just drive out there with a friend and ask somebody to recommend a burrito place to you or something, swear to god all of these bands are worth it. I saw AM recently and I can't say enough good things about these dudes, they make me proud to be from Orange County like no other band has. I've never heard or seen (or can find a website) for I'm A Fucking Gymnast, who are also playing, but don't let that discourage you from going. All of these bands can and will do ANYTHING to put on a tight show so I have no reason to think of them as an exception. More details: it is at the Old Baldy Brewery in Upland (271 N. Second Ave), get there at eight. GET THERE.

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