Dear Music, I WANT YOUBriefly, I'm here to show you this: The DoddPod. So named for the smirking, sun-soaked gentleman to my left, Senator (and possible future president) Christopher Dodd (D-CT). In an attempt to try to tap in to what I can only assume is the techno-savvy Gen-Y demographic (read: people like you and me), the DoddPod is relatively simple, and actually has nothing to do with an ipod. All you do is suggest a song to Chris Dodd's campaign with the form, and he'll put it up with your message. Each song will inevitably be vaguely positive and so blandly ubiquitous that it'd be impossible to have a strong opinion about any of the bands without being labeled a music snob, moron, or both. The DoddPod is an omen of how ridiculous the internet/youtube/myspace revolution is. Here's why: who the fuck cares? Honestly. Do you think anybody else is going to check this website frequently? This season it's like every politician is a fountain of shitty half-baked ideas on how to scoop up the youth vote. Suggestion, do what Obama did: pull some strings and get amazing Kenyan bands into the US.


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