Dance Music Pick of the Week: Morgan Page (Tonight!) at Code

For too long DJ culture has been reclusive and wary of the mainstream.
It's an understandable stance: After disco sucked, core dance music
went underground, burned by its flirtation with the charts and
subsequent bashing. Generations beyond disco, many spinners still take
the underground stance, eschewing pop flavors and marketing. But that
ethos is changing rapidly as the millennial generation of kids takes
over clubland. Mash-ups, samples, and '80s tunes are all fair game.

Enter Morgan Page and the new wave of software-driven producers and DJs–Deadmau5, Kaskade and Chris Lake included–that emerged in the mid-'00s. For them dance music is often done on a laptop and pop is a friend, not a foe. Page is a studio whiz whose knowledge of software is outdone only by his sweet song-writing and melodious ear. A Deadmau5 remix of his tuneful “The Longest Road” was nominated for a Grammy Award last year. And this year the Los Angeles-based producer is working on a new album for the Nettwerk label. Keep your ears peeled for the sweet sound of Page or, better yet, see him spin tonight at Giant at Code.

Morgan Page DJs tonight at Giant at Code, 4221 Dolphin Striker Way, Newport Beach. 21+. Doors at 9 p.m. Free with RSVP; $10 for express entry. Info:

Download Page's latest single, “Fight For You,” here.

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