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I thought I was really onto something with Stefy. “Oh, a local girl,” I thought. “Playing at Cal State Fullerton! Cute.” I'd never heard of her, but she sounded like a cheap bit of fluffiness, much like the novelty, pastel-colored junk foods to be had at state fairs. Turns out I'm wrong twice over because Stefy is a band, one fronted by a girl called, yeah, Stefy, and also because Stefy the Band recently warranted a nod from online strongman Perez Hilton. Apparently she's also all over TRL. Huh.

Googley-eyed Stefy looks sort of like Native American Barbie and sounds exactly like Gwen Stefani. Most of the songs on her—er, their—debut record The Orange Album could be outtakes from Return of Saturn. “Love You to Death” is totally twinsies with Gwen's “Simple Kind of Life”, but Stefy the Girl tries to trip us up with the comparisons by throwing in just enough Deborah Harry for us to think she's hard and enough Katy Rose to stay true to her school of lyrical shite and glaring immaturity as a songwriter. Goody for her, though: YouTube tells me that she's a fun performer and MySpace tells me that “Chelsea” is stupid tight (if thematically egregious).

Totally right this minute, true. Totally disposable, double true.

Stefy at University Pub, Cal State Fullerton, 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, Thurs., March 15, noon. Free.

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