Ann Wilson Hearts “Immigrant Song”

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This cover of “Immigrant Song” by Heart vocalist Ann Wilson is better than I expected it to be (it will appear on her debut solo album, Hope N Glory, out Sept. 11). Her rendition isn't as bombastic as the original (nothing could be, really), but it's an interesting interpretation of a classic-rock chestnut that retains some of the latent Eastern mystery of Led Zeppelin's version while lending it a subtler edginess. And while she may be 57, Ann is still in lusty vocal form here.

Wilson explains her approach to “Immigrant Song: “[Producer] Ben Mink said, 'Why don't we just start you out like Yma Sumac and take the song way, way North African?' Our version starts a little like a little dot on the horizon, but by the time it's done you've been overrun by all the barbarians.”

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