Somehow, Muse has become one of the very biggest bands on the planet. And they did it the old-fashioned way—slowly building buzz, rising in stature and growing their rep as a live band until they were doing ridiculous things like headlining Coachella and opening for U2. They’re also incapable of releasing a single that doesn’t become a ubiquitous radio hit—last year’s The Resistance spawned “Uprising” and “Undisclosed Desires,” for instance. Perhaps most stunningly, the band’s gotten this famous without any personnel turmoil or blatant gimmickry. There’s no feuding brothers, animated band members or heroin-addicted singers dating infamously skinny supermodels. Which, quite frankly, seems like a bit of a ripoff. Is this a megapopular UK band or what?

Thu., Sept. 23, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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