Muppets Spoof Twilight in New Posters

If The Muppets is even half as funny and smart as the brilliant marketing campaign they ran in the lead up to the film, audiences are in for a real treat on November 23rd.

The most recent (and final) bit of Muppet propaganda is a set of three posters that spoof the The Twilight Saga.

Check 'em out after the jump.

Here they be!

The posters were released on the heels of the final trailer that was released a couple weeks ago. There is a Pepe the King Prawn nod to Twilight in the trailer as well; it shows up around the halfway mark.

As awesomely ridiculous as all of these Twilight parodies are, nothing beats the ridiculousness of the actual billboards that have started to spring up around town in the last week or so.

That looks like an ad for a gay bath house!

Be sure to check out The Muppets when they return to the big screen next Wednesday.

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