Mr. Tough Guy [Hey, You!]

Illustration by Bob Aul

You’re the burly, loudmouth who yelled at a homeless woman who was hanging outside a storage facility in Santa Ana. She was mostly minding her own business—which alone didn’t seem like a considerable offense—yet you found the need to antagonize her and yell multiple times, “Move it, bitch!” You even kicked her cart and made her chase after it to prove your point. I’m sure it must feel nice to beat your chest and scream your dominance over people, but you only displayed how sad and pathetic you are by bullying someone who couldn’t possibly fight back. Why don’t you drop the bullshit tough-guy shtick and start being a decent person? Also, go eat shit.

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6 Replies to “Mr. Tough Guy [Hey, You!]”

  1. People like that are pieces of shit no reason to act like a jerk it’s not her fault your having a bad day or maybe your just a fricken asshole on an everyday basis…do you talk to your mother like that or your wife?

  2. Dear editor and illustrator, my condolences for your suffering of TDS. It’ll clear up after 2024. Best of luck to you.

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