Moxie Animal Cookies: Our Toke Of The Week!

Courtesy Of Moxie

Along with the added benefit of always having amazing flowers and concentrates at my disposal my job also allows me to help raise awareness of marijuanas holistic healing benefits. Recently a close family member was diagnosed with colon cancer and after months of chemotherapy as well as surgery to remove the growth, eating became an everyday challenge. After a lot of coaxing and promises of relief I managed to break off a bit of this gorgeously amber wax and share it with said family member. Before the thick cloud of smoke had time to clear I saw a bit of color and the faint outline of a smile creep across their face as we shared one of those magical moments usually seen in cheesy coke commercials. The taste is derivative of it’s name, as your mouth and lungs fill with a sweet, somewhat sour aroma of those delicious lemon cookies I used to quietly steal from the pantry before dinner. Expect to feel giddy and euphoric while time slowly passes by leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy yourself.

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