Morrissey may have forgiven Jesus, but the enigmatic 52-year-old is full of seething ire. Among his least favorite things are KFC, public education, The Cure, the UK Border Agency and the British Royal Family (whom he once compared to Libya’s Gaddafi regime). To be fair, the man who wrote “Death at One’s Elbow” and “Satan Rejected My Soul” has appeared happier in recent years. His last album, the wryly optimistic Years of Refusal, was a coming-of-middle-age spectacular set to campy, ’50s-style rockabilly music. At heart, though, Moz is still a hapless, self-martyring teen laureate. His work with the Smiths tackled subjects like asexuality, social isolation, and cultural hierarchism with Dickensian warmth.

Mon., Nov. 28, 8 p.m., 2011

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