Moron Go Where?

Naturally everyone's concerned about the Yucca Valley Fire. It's a raging mushroom of hot hot heat and it's climbing down Morongo Canyon ever so threateningly. Centered around Pioneertown, the fire is threatening the communities of Burns Canyon, Rimrock, Gamma Gulch, Flamingo Heights and Spontaneous Combustion Junction (I made the last one up).

(Ramon Mean Owens AP/Desert Sun)

News reports keep coming in on the tragedy of a town used for Hollywood westerns going up in smoke; firemen are concerned; residents are fleeing as if from the devil himself. But then comes the commercial.

Yes, immediately after dire warnings of a maelstrom of flaming destruction not twenty miles away, the good people of Casino Morongo paid for some positive press amidst all the talk of the Morongo fire.

Don't worry, suites are still available (though all the regular rooms are booked up for the next few nights). Be ready to shell out $279 however, and that doesn't guarantee a room with a view of a holocaust of desert flame.

Moron go casino. Moron lose big heap money. Moron catch fire.

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