more new music, shows next week, shotgunning beers

acting on a tip from my very good pal harris (all-around sexy kid and one-half of local up-and-comers senior recreation), i purchased kelley stoltz's below the branches off iTunes about 25 minutes ago (having made an unrelated purchase of guided by voices' bee thousand–i lost my old copy–15 minutes prior). so far, i can tell dude's going to be my new favorite obsession, seeing how he's equal parts brian wilson, emmitt rhodes and richard swift. annnnnnd the beautiful last track, “no world like the world,” just faded into what comes next in my iTunes library: kelly osbourne's “one word.” annnnnd i can't bring myself to skip this song, because i actually totally love it. it's an absolute visage rip-off. too bad theo isn't here in the office. i'd crank it up. (also: today i could not stop listening to rogue wave's “publish my love” and “love's lost guarantee”. just saying.)

never did make it out to see jessica dobson or the image bulletin last night; got caught up with a 12 pack of pbr and a guided by voices dvd instead. but there's lots going on this weekend/next week, beginning tonight withfuture days at memphis santora (dj eyad) and awaysted youth at avalon bar (dj rob). i really should post these things earlier, i realize. also, don't miss the lewbowski fest west bowling party tomorrow night (see amanda parson's pick of the week; for a real hoot, you can google search my name and find the lebowski fest message boards where all the dudes from last year, upset that i had called them nerds and the like, wished a horrible death from v.d. upon me. rad!) and then, uh, don't miss jon stewart making his famous friends (and you) laugh on sunday.

next week: drop everything and set up camp at the prospector for brad lindsay (on tuesday), model airplanes (on thursday) and senior recreation (on saturday). there's also a super cool matthew sweet/susanna hoffs show at hotel cafe on wednesday, but it's invite-only and only those (like me) who kiss the asses of the shout! factory folks get to go.

oh. man. kenny loggins just came up on the playlist. me thinks it's time for the weekend. i'll leave you with this: cute overload. and for when you get to work on monday morning: gorilla vs. bear, your new favorite mp3 blog.

p.s.: thanks to my co-workers ben f. and bill c. for joining me in shotgunning p.b.r's earlier this afternoon. i had never shotgunned a beer before (even during four shitfaced years at notre dame) but given our upcoming drinking issue, a little research was in order. i'm happy to report it was, uh, successful.

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