More Coachella Craigslist Fun: Post Seeks Attractive Female Companions in Exchange for Passes

Any women desperate for Coachella passes (but not this desperate)?  Someone in Newport Beach just posted a Craigslist ad that might be for you–all expenses covered. One stipulation: “Attractive females” only. Hey, and don't worry, the ad assures that “no favors required.”

Apologies for the small screen shot–the text reads:

“I have four Coachella tickets, and I am looking to take attractive females. No favors required, however, I will be selecting who to take based on looks. Please respond with photos. I will be taking the female to VIP parties and backstage, etc., so looks are important. I will be covering food and other expenses for the weekend. Must e-mail photo for response.”

Sound like the job for you? You can find the listing here–and by all means, please let us know how it goes.

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