A few years ago, someone uploaded a YouTube clip from the film Soul Plane in which Mo’Nique and Lonnie Love, as TSA agents, mercilessly harass boarders—when they’re not rapping and singing the praises of Denzel Washington, that is. It’s so obnoxiously hilarious, in fact, that one post on the vid suggests that Mo’Nique should have also won an Oscar for this bit. All we know, is that when you’re feeling blue, watch Mo’Nique—in 2004’s Soul Plane and even in 2009’s Precious, the troubling, amazing Lee Daniels film for which she won every major film critic’s award, in addition to the Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG. Meaty roles for black actresses in Hollywood are few, and after a long hiatus Mo’Nique is back—this time returning to her standup roots where we’re sure she’ll fill us in on the last three years, and discuss how there are no meaty roles for black actresses in Hollywood. Rap on, sister, rap on.

Fri., May 17; Sat., May 18, 2013


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