Monday Munchies: Vegan Tartar at Here & Now!

When I was fourteen years old my mother surprised me with tickets to the Vans Warped Tour in Los Angeles. I grew up in a town that had zero festivals, one stoplight, and two police officers, so the idea of seeing bands, and paved roads, had me loading up the truck quicker than the Beverly Hillbillies took to get grandma tied down. When we arrived at the Staples Center I listened to my moms not so subtle attempts at warning me of the dangers of drug use and I was off into a crowd of sexually active teens, daytime goths, and confused parents. I would love to tell you the story about that day but this article is about food, not about the time my favorite band (311) made fun of me on their tour bus.

Although I’ve aged and my taste in music has changed drastically since that hot summer day, I can still attribute my weekly LA trips to the feeling I got when I saw that iconic skyline. Now, at 33 years old, I still get excited while arriving at Union Station, at the endless possibilities the city has to offer as long as you’re willing to put in the footwork. Recently, one of my favorite destinations in the city has been the Arts district, located within walking distance to the Metro’s Gold line. If you haven’t had hummus at Bavel, or buffalo cauliflower at Little Bear then do yourself a favor and get out of Orange County once in awhile. When I find myself famished, and walking around Sante Fe Ave I have to make a stop at Here & Now.

To say the bar is welcoming is an understatement. The decor, smell, and variety of seating options will appease even the pickiest of diners and the dark lighting is wonderful after spending the day shopping, sightseeing, and smoking around tinseltown. This particular night I was in higher spirits due to a bit of overconsumption on my part, after visiting MedMen’s downtown location and meat just didn’t seem appetizing. Here & Now’s Tartar is unlike any I have ever experienced. Using the completely vegan, plant-based, and surprisingly delicious Impossible meat as a base, this dish will make you rethink those memes you’ve been chuckling about at the expense of vegetarians. I’m guilty of filling myself up with garbage food daily for research but after consuming the entire plate, including the locally baked sourdough bread, by myself it was clear the hippies got something right, you don’t have to kill anything to have a great meal.

Here & Now also has plenty of areas on the patio to spark up some conversation, or some of California’s best flowers, just don’t miss the last train home..

Here & Now
300 S Santa Fe Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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