Monday Munchies: Mint Cookie Chocolate Bar by FlavRx

Artisanal Mint Chocolate bars that taste like Thin Mint cookies? Yes please. (Photo courtesy of FlavRx)


If you’re one of those people who crave Girl Scout Thin Mints year round, this crunchy, chocolate cookie bar is everything you’ve been looking for. What makes this chocolate different than other edibles is that it allows for consistency, making each 180 mg chocolate bar pretty much the same every time.


Often a vendor at High Times events, FlavRx found their way into the industry making solvent-free concentrates. While crafting medical-cannabis chocolate bars is a more recent venture, it’s a niche they’re quickly starting to dominate. The chocolate bars are are divided into 18 squares, which breaks down to 10mg per piece. As soon as you bite into the bar, the first thing you taste is the mint. The second thing you notice is the crunchy texture. The last thing we noticed is that the cannabis taste is hardly identifiable. The chocolate is swirled with a light green color, and looks a lot like an artisanal chocolate you might find at Whole Foods.


Because these bars are potent, they’re a great option for those who need higher dosage products. They’re ideal for people with chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety. If you need to avoid sugar, however, this might not be the product for you. Although they’re obviously not affiliated with the Girl Scouts, these medicated chocolates are equally delectable and leave you with a solid medicating experience.


Price: $20, Location: Super Clinik 2525 S. Birch Street, Santa Ana, Ca 92707

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