Molotov Respects the LGTB Community and Not The “Putos”

Most people know the word “puto” means “faggot” in Spanish. However the word has another meaning, something more like a coward…think Joe Arpayaso.

Surprisingly, Molotov–probably one of Mexico's most influential bands of all time–released a statement on their Facebook page clarifying the meaning of their controversial song “Puto.”


“With respect and gratitude to the LGTB community in the United States of America, our friends and fans around the world. Molotov has been together for over 17 years and has performed for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. Our music gives a voice to the people who aren't in a position to do so for themselves and often times we sing about things some governments don't want you to see or hear.It is in this context that we composed the song “Puto” It was conceived as a cathartic song about our situation in Mexico at the time in the late 90's and dedicated to anyone who attempts our freedom, to any coward who attempts against the people and anyone who attempts against humanity.

It was never meant to disrespect the gay community.We as a band and as individuals express our respect and support to the gay community. We celebrate the freedom of expression, the freedom of choice and the freedom to love whoever you want. As long as we stay playing together, the message of our music will always stay positive and committed to our fans”


Fans quickly reacted on their Facebook to the post “If people don't understand the context of “puto” when used by Molotov, then they dont know Molotov. q no se ofenda la gente” ( Don't get offended people). Another fan says “Buena explicación a todos los pendejos que no entienden la gran musica de Molotov” ( Good explanation to all the dumb asses who don't understand Molotov's music). The controversial lyrics go something like:

Puto!! The one that does not skip, does not jump
Puto!! The one that does not skip and trows excess
Puto!! The one that remained content
Puto!! The one that believes the report
Puto!! The one that takes away our sustenance
Puto!! Also the gay who covers it
Puto!! The one who doesn't do what he wants
Puto!! Puto born Puto dead

The song and ultimately the essence of the band is rooted with the discontent of the Mexican people towards their corrupt government. The song was released in 1997 as part of their album Donde Jugaran las Niñas (Where Will the Girls Play) a few years after the signage of then controversial NAFTA agreement.

“To say someone is a puto is like telling someone to stop been a coward and stand up for themselves, like calling them out to do something about it you know” said Francisco Pereira, a Molotov fan and a from Fullerton who also happens to be gay. ” My parents listened to Rock en Español all the time so I grew up with it. It was just part of us, until today Molotov is my favorite band because they speak the truth and they don't give a fuck, Puto is nothing against gay people, is against the bigots who oppress others.”

Molotov will be performing at The Observatory in SanTana on August 11 as part of the Jagermeister USA Tour, they are the first Mexican band to ever head this tour, expect lots of desmadre, more desmadre and a lot of puto yelling.

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