MJ Arsenal’s Dubbler Original Double Rollie Bubbler: Our Toke Of The Week!

Double Bubble Toil and Trouble (Courtesy of MJ Arsenal)

Everyone knows the scene in Pineapple Express when James Franco is teaching Seth Rogen how to light the cross-joint. Franco instructs Rogen to light the sides, while Franco lights the front and inhales for a trifecta puff of glory. “Are you ready?” Franco says. “Ready,” Rogen replies, igniting two lighters. “Blast off,” Franco whispers, before coughing out his lungs. The film made stoners yearn to hit a cross-joint. But unless you’re the origami champion of joint-rolling, you likely can’t roll one. (I definitely don’t, considering I learned how to roll smoke-able joints three years ago.) So, the cross-joint’s essentially become a legendary figment of cannabis cinematography—until recently.

Denver-based MJ Arsenal has gifted the cannabis world a “double rollie bubbler,” that allows you to stick two joints into the side of a bubbler and smoke them both at the same time. I filled the glass with a tiny bit of water (because the piece is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand), rolled one baseball-bat-sized joint filled with Sour Diesel, and then a slightly smaller joint of Green Ribbon, an indica hybrid. I used two lighters, just like Seth Rogen, to spark both joints, and indeed experienced an existential blast off. I managed to take two hits (which, I guess, is technically four) and didn’t understand that I was sitting on couch.

If only Henry Anslinger (that racist asshole) could see the smoking apparatus’ of today…

Available at mjarsenal.com. $26.99 + shipping


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