Ministry’s Al Jourgensen is Done Playing With Our Puppet President


Al Jourgensen (Credit: Phil Parmet)

When Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States in 2017, Al Jorgensen felt the immediate need to make another Ministry album. The pioneering musician in the worlds of industrial and heavy metal music has been in the music business for over three decades, as his sound has evolved from synth-pop electronic dance in his formative years, to a heavier, caustic industrial sound in the 90s and to the current day. The music has always been dark, atmospheric, experimental, ahead of its times and always political in some form.  Jourgensen is well read and has done his research on conspiracy theories,  UFOS, ancient history and more. He’s been creating music about the New World Order before Alex Jones was the world’s most infamous conspiracy theorist. With Ministry, in 2018  Jourengesen takes the band on the road to promote the new album, Amerikkkant, a furious, urgent musical statement that is anti-Trump,  but also dives deeper into why and how society could elect such a leader. Jourgensen took time to divulge to the Weekly his thoughts on punk rock, conspiracy theories,  the modern day anti-fascist movement, his thoughts the opioid epidemic, the new album and more.

OC Weekly (Alex Distefano): How were you inspired by the early punk rock movement in the early days of Ministry?

Al Jourgensen: Honestly, punk rock was a big influence, I am good friends with Jello Biafra from the Dead Kennedys, we have been for like over 30 years,  we have known each other since 1981. The music and all those punk bands, the sound and attitude was a big part of my very formative years before Ministry and in the early days without a doubt.

Tell us more about the new album, Amerikkkant being not just about Trump bashing.

I did three albums on Bush, in the early 2000s, and at the end of the last one I was even feeling sorry for him. I realized he was an idiot, a puppet, just like Trump is, like Reagan was. And if you think Obama and Clinton were any different you are a fool. These people are appointed by multinationals and  globalists. On the right wing side, they keep taunting us by putting actors of sons of rich oil men and CIA guys in power, and now we got Trump. We keep getting this progression of stupid and stupider and people keep buying into this.  I am fascinated. and perplexed as to why we keep voting against our self-interest. Mass insanity is global now, there are crazy right-wing fanatics in Poland, Russia, Hungary and other places But through all the previous revolutions, we are still stuck with the same systematic structure. Nothing systemic ever changes really and we are running out of time. It’s much deeper than just repeating that  Trump is a piñata.

Tell us about your previous appearances on the Alex Jones Show.

I am not friends with him but he’s a great sparring partner. He really liked Psalm 69  with the songs about the New World Order he’s a conspiracy freak. SO he latched onto that and is like this stand-up wrestling guy but he hates the left. I have been on his show a few times in the past and he’s fun to debate and I call him out on his bullshit but it’s fun, I am one of the only leftists he will talk with he uses me as his leftist guy we agree on some things but disagree on everything else. But he hasn’t called me on lately because I think he knows I’m pretty pissed about this whole Trump bullshit.

Do you believe in ancient aliens and other conspiracy theories?

Of course I am, I am well versed in all of these topics. Our history is fake news. We are trained and programmed to accept this crap from toddler age and the educational system, from Pre-K to the university level. Our history is completely wrong. I follow all the ancient alien theories, of course, David Icke, one of my favorite authors Graham Hancock and Zacharia Sitchin, along with many others.

What  are your thoughts  on the current opioid epidemic?

I  stopped doing heroin 15 years ago and have been clean of all hard drugs now, and when I quit back then  I thought I was late to the game stopping. Once again this is a problem within the system. Of course, the government is way late on this at least by a few decades. It’s because the heroin and pill problem has reached the white rural Americans it is killing them with oxycontin,  as opposed to inner city black and Latino populations, and it shows the inherent racism.

Tell us about your use of medical cannabis.

Oh yeah it definitely saved my life on so many levels. A lot of it doesn’t have to do with the THC. you can find strains to suit your daily lifestyle. Just like anything else don’t abuse it. But there are now studies coming out on CBD, which could have so many medicinal benefits to your immune system. CBD has helped me with my arthritis which is why I am playing more guitar on this record. It has helped the pain on my wrists. I have been on a CBD regimen for the past three years, it has helped.

Ministry performs with Chelsea Wolfe at the House of Blues Anaheim, 400 W. Disney Way, Anaheim (714) 778-2583, on Thursday, March 22nd, 7:30 p.m., $39.50. All ages.

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