Mick's Karma Bar Owner Announces Fullerton Concept: Pie Dog

From the mind that brought us strawberry basil lemonades, steak fries and Karma burgers comes Pie Dog. It could be dessert. It could be sausage. Well, Michael Schepers will disclose only so much.

The loquacious Mick (with an amazing memory for faces) did pass along a few bites of intel to us hungry Weeklings. For starters, it will be a new age deli for the “trendy” people.


Interpret that as you will, we're glad they plan to stay open until midnight. With an industrial look and communal seating, his menu suits the DTF crowds, “100 craft beers, 20 sausages, house smoked bacon, wood roasted beef, house roasted turkey, hung short ribs, ONE BURGER, a “carbonara” grilled flatbread, homemade drinks and soda, other peoples soft drinks, crv and surcharge…something like that.” And the pie part? That's just the way they finish the product right out of the oven– just like pie.

He's currently working on permits and stuff, but Schepers intends to open in six months. Count us in, Mick. Just don't expect us on a Friday or Saturday night.

Pie Dog will be located at 229 E. Commonwealth, Fullerton.

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