Metal Monday: Benefit for The Cat Cove Rescue

Few things go better together than cats and heavy metal. The screeching, the wailing, the thumping, it’s so cat. Alexandra Crockett even published a coffee table book in May called Metal Cats, a fantastic photo spread of hardcore metal musicians and their felines. Cats need more than just mind-blowing distortion and wicked guitar solos, of course, and far too many of them sit in cages for weeks on end, waiting to be loved—or roam the streets virile, creating endless feral kitten colonies. The folks at Cat Cove, a no-kill, all volunteer rescue, are dedicated to finding homes for every adoptable kitteh, as well as TNR-ing those who are happiest in the wild. Helping them raise awareness and much needed dollars are kick-ass metalers She-Wolf, Raise the Dead, Shadows Entwined, Dark White, and Back From the Dead, who’ll bend your brain with hair-raising howls and guttural yowls. Nothing could be more purrfect.

Mon., Nov. 24, 7 p.m., 2014

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