Merely Sweets, Cake and Macaron Shop, Opens In Downtown Brea

In time for Labor Day weekend, Merely Sweets officially opened in North County. The new kid on the block is one of the few dessert-only offerings (at least until Farrell's beats its drum) on an otherwise boring street of meat-and-potatoes eateries. We paid a visit during their soft opening to conduct a little, ahem, quality control.

Brother and sister team Robert and Diane Yoon divide most of the management duties. While he mans the front lines, she is in the back of the house with colleague Alice Mun. Both women attended classes together at the French Culinary Institute in New York.

While Merely offers a bevy of beauties to select from, their primary focus is on cakes. With a selection of established designs to order from, patrons can expect to pay above the $60 range for a customized concoction. A showcase of their most popular ones graces a wall space beyond the register.

Macaron flavors include gingerbread, green tea, and tea-inspired earl grey. A handy,  color-coded key quietly answers those “What flavor is this?” inquiries. Check out the walflours, a special creation invented by Diane. Oh, and welcome to the neighborhood!

Merely Sweets is located at 260 W. Birch St., Brea, (714) 529-9909. Their website is still under construction.

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