Love can make you do things you know you shouldn't—especially if you're drunk and especially if you're drunk and have access to the Internet. But sometimes we can't help ourselves, and it's that conflicted I-shouldn't-but-I-will-anyway state of mind that's responsible for the songs on Kerry Getz's superb if dark Little Victory. In “I'd Rather Get It Over,” the Newport Beach singer/songwriter/guitarist vividly demonstrates just how tortuous a souring relationship can be, lamenting, “You don't love me anymore/And I don't love you any less.” Obsession, jealousy, self-doubt and longing are all over this melancholy CD; you might figure it's gonna be a real downer, and admittedly, a party album it ain't. Yet Getz—along with producer/multi-instrumentalist Martin Beal and special guest vocalist Jay Buchanan—injects just enough pop smarts to at least keep her folk-y music above water. The pretty, melodic “Julianne” lingers for just the right amount of time, while the sassy midtempo “Good for You” kisses off a soon-to-be ex with welcome resolve. And the hopeful title track closes the disc on an upbeat note, as Getz sings, “Can't you see every day's a little victory?/Find the beauty in the mystery/And I'll be there.” Getz, much like local country queen Jann Browne, is a trusted voice for the hopeless romantic within—so don't worry; it's okay to love this album.


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