Meet Cherie the Surfing French Bulldog [VIDEO]

By Sasha Azoqa

Cherie the French Bulldog has had an adventurous journey. She grew up in a home that didn't treat her with the love she deserved and found her way into the open arms of the French Bulldog Rescue. She soon discovered her forever home with Amy and Dan Nykolayko in Newport Beach and after visiting the beach a few times, she couldn't stay out of the water.


The Frenchie was introduced to surfing lessons where she learned to love the sport. After her confidence grew, Amy and Dan enrolled Cherie in a few surf competitions and she is currently gearing up for the Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon in Del Mar on September 13th.

Take a look at our video of Cherie the Surf Dog in action:

All together now: “d'awwwww!!!”

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