McDonald's Introduces “Mouth-Watering Angus Snack Wrap”

Hey, fast food junkies–good news. We think.

Now the McDonald's Angus Third Pounder is available in a handy form: As a Snack Wrap. Cheeseburger shoved into a tortilla!

The Angus Third Pounder was first unveiled in Southern California in
2007 and now its Snack Wrap relative will consist of a half of an Angus
third pound patty–made of 100-percent Angus beef–wrapped in a flour
tortilla. The wrap is available in the same varieties as the burger according to McDonald's:

  • Deluxe: ripe red tomato, fresh green leaf lettuce and rings
    of red onions crinkle cut pickles, American cheese, creamy mayonnaise
    and yellow mustard
  • Bacon & Cheese: fresh rings of red onions; crinkle cut pickles, a strip of bacon, American cheese, ketchup and yellow mustard
  • Mushroom & Swiss: sautéed mushrooms, Swiss cheese and creamy Mayonnaise

The Angus Snack Wraps are going for $1.99 at participating Southern
California McDonald's locations. It joins the McDonald's Snack Wrap
family of the Ranch Snack Wrap (crispy: 340 calories, grilled: 270),
Honey Mustard Snack Wrap (crispy: 330 calories, grilled: 260) and
Chipotle BBQ Snack Wrap (crispy: 330 calories, grilled: 260).

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