McDonald's Advertising Catches Up With US Filipino Demographic

In yesterday's mail, I received the following:

I blinked, did a double take and even pulled up Google Translator to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Indeed, McDonald's sent me a Filipino advertisement.

Loosely (Google) translated, here's the entire message:

Can wholesome be delicious? Or can delicious be wholesome? Of course.
The new
deliciously wholesome – or can be – wholesomely delicious McDonald's Fruit & Maple Oatmeal. Produced 100% whole grain oats an abundance of plump raisins, tangy cranberries and crisp apples, this different kind of oatmeal.

Yes, I'm Filipino (or, as my dad once told me, “You are an American of Filipino descent”). Born in San Francisco. Raised in the Bay Area. That's me. Sure, I've seen billboards in Spanish or commercials directed towards families with kids. Yes, I know they have locations in the Philippines (and I wish their curly fries and green-fizz Sprite McFloat showed up to our shores), but I have never received advertising sent to me, instead of “Resident”, that targeted my particular demographic, i.e. occasional fast food eating, coupon-cutting, Pacific Islanders like myself. I don't know whether to consider it genius marketing, or throw my hands up and say, “SERIOUSLY?”

How long until they start serving lumpia?

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