Matthew Vasquez of Delta Spirit Celebrates New EP With An OC/LA Residency

Matthew Logan Vasquez has announced a much anticipated solo project, beginning with “Everything I Do Is Out,” a single that undoubtedly seduces fans to pre-order his new album The Austin EP slated for release November 3rd. The track encompasses everything we've grown to expect from Vasquez– imaginative storytelling and the kind of rock-n-roll that moves like a wildfire throughout a crowd as he sings “My little sister got my record collection/I'm trying to tell her it's a bad direction.” It's a good thing he's secured a residency at Santa Ana's Festival Hall and Los Angeles' iconic Lot 613 starting in November, because Vasquez has a knack for drawing a crowd.


His stardom began with indie rock band, Delta Spirt as they released their debut EP I Think I've Found It in 2006. At that time they were casually throwing warehouse parties in Costa Mesa when they weren't on the road touring alongside Cold War Kids and Dr. Dog. Their first full-length album Ode to Sunshine, released the following year, was like a mantra for millennials in Southern California that remains forever etched in our memory. That was only the beginning for Vasquez; he went on to form the side project Middle Brother, with Deer Tick's John McCauley and Dawes' Taylor Goldsmith. You may have heard their track “Blue Eyes” featured on the film The Longest Ride. This was a true demonstration of what happened when three strong songwriters join forces to create a unified vision.

This year Vasquez released Into The Wide, with Delta Spirit prompting a summer tour where they invited several friends including Matt Costa, Sam Outlaw, Young the Giant, and more unbelievably talented musicians to jam with them. The band will now take an 18 month, or so, break to focus on side projects before unveiling a fresh batch of tracks. But when music is not just what you do, it's who you are, you can't help when lyrics roll off your tongue and rhythms linger deep in your bones. Vasquez's 5-track EP, suggests there is no rest for the wicked even with a new born baby.

The album opens with a hauntingly beautiful, 18-minute track “Austin” that gently nods to Bob Dylan's “Knockin On Heaven's Door” but with a psychedelic spin and contemporary lyrics that hone in on life's twists and turns. The only track that Vasquez did not record on his own is “Halfcolt”, as he's joined by Cold War Kid's ex-drummer Matt Aveiro. Stay tuned for his full length album titled Solicitor Returns, to follow in early 2016. Until then we strongly advise that you blast the new single “Everything I Do is Out” here.

Check out the tour dates for Matthew Vasquez below:
11/3 – Los Angeles, CA @ Lot 613
11/4 – Santa Ana, CA @ Festival Hall
11/8 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
11/10 – Los Angeles, CA @ Lot 613
11/11 – Santa Ana, CA @ Festival Hall
11/13 – San Diego, CA @ The Irenic
11/17 – Los Angeles, CA @ Lot 613
11/18 – Santa Ana, CA @ Festival Hall
11/24 – Los Angeles, CA @ Lot 613
11/25 – Santa Ana, CA @ Festival Hall

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