Mark Herman at the Wurlitzer

Come experience the yesteryear nostalgia created by organist Mark Herman, who in 2012 became the youngest person ever to receive the American Theatre Organ Society’s Organist of the Year award. Pretty impressive, especially since Herman probably didn’t swoon the ladies with his offers to play his organ for them, unlike his axe-strumming peers. But while those Slash-wannabes are now selling real estate, Herman plays over 30 concerts and silent film shows a year, which means he’s not only killing it, but he’s keeping a vital part of our culture alive. It’s not only frosty blue-hairs who love the organ, so join Herman at this special event for a day of reverie and film, and forget for a few hours that you’re submerged in a nanosecond culture in which anything older than a week is wack.

Sun., April 12, 2:30 p.m., 2015

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