Mariana Castillo Deball

Much of the contemporary art on display at The Museum of Latin American Art tends to be fairly avant-garde as it is, but their newly minted Project Room is specifically designed to feature the most cutting-edge material. Opened in April with Argentinean artist Leandro Erich, the room currently features two sculptural pieces—titled Entre tú y la imagen de ti a mí llega (“Between You and the Image of You That Reaches Me”)— from Mexico’s Mariana Castillo Deball. Though the art is distinctly modern, the inspiration lies in subjects that are rather old: two figures of Aztec mythology, mother goddess Coatlicue and her daughter, Coyolxauhqui, whose decapitated head became the moon (science may dispute that, but this version is much more colorful). Confused? Intrigued? Filled with questions? Well, you’re in luck: Not only is the exhibition accompanied by a video installation, but Deball will be on hand to talk about her creative process.

Thu., June 17, 7 p.m., 2010

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