Man Pulls Fried Chicken From Hot Oil Bare-Handed

Everyone has a hidden superhero power. Thai fried chicken vendor Kahn “Iron Hands” Trichan can dunk his hands in boiling oil.

He discovered this ability one day when a squirrel in a tree above his stall dropped a mango into his fryer, splashing him with hot oil. His skin shrugged off the squirrel's hot oil assault.

Most super powers are pretty useless to their owners. Mine is the ability to randomly shut off streetlights I pass under, although I have no control over it. They just darken in my presence with no rhyme or reason: utterly useless to me and to society at large.

This guy, though–what are the odds that a man and his super power are made for each other?

In terms of food safety with raw chicken, I do hope he washes his hands often. Or would wet hands cause the oil to spatter? I guess he'd be okay with that.

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