Madonna Talks Ageism and Sexism

Madonna's impromptu make-out session with Drake at Coachella this past weekend mirrored another shocking music moment: when Jenny McCarthy sexually harassed Justin Bieber at the 2012 American Music Awards by grabbing his ass and biting his neck as he accepted his award. (Does everyone remember that?) Call it what you want–the media playfully dubbed it 'cougar rape'–but it was highly inappropriate of McCarthy.

Drake may be boasting about his experience now, but we can't get over his initial reaction (that resembled 'disgust'). According to TMZ, Drake wasn't disgusted by Madonna's open-mouth kiss, it was her “gnarly lipstick.”

We're all for spontaneous acts of consensual friskiness, but we're disturbed when the loudest mouthpieces on issues like sexism aren't leading by example. Could a male celebrity have gotten away with either act with a female peer without severe consequence? We think not.

Despite this faux-pas–because who knows how much of it was planned–we shouldn't discredit Madonna's drive to combat social injustices. Here are Madonna's views on ageism and sexism. Quotation above via






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