Mac Miller: Five Ways to Pre-Game Before His Show

Mac Miller's affinity for Chuck Taylors and alumni status with Taylor Alderdice's Pittsburgh high school might have you believe that he's a part Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang crew, the truth is Miller and Khalifa couldn't be further apart. Although they both launched their careers with Pittsburgh-based label Rostrum Records, that's where the similarities end, despite what the haters might say.

This weekend you'll get a chance to see Miller in action at his Blue Slide Park Tour (maybe, if you get tickets to the sold out dates).
The follow up to last year's incredibly popular (and incredibly sold out) Incredibly Dope Tour, the
concert series eases into town this Saturday in Pomona at The Fox
then hits up the House of Blues Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on
Sunday night and again on Tuesday–the same day his debut album Blue
Slide Park

Inglewood rep Casey Veggies will be on deck for all
three shows but if you're lucky enough to snag a ticket for the Tuesday
night concert, Pac Div is expected to perform as well.


No matter which show you plan to go to, here's a list of a few things you need to do first:

1. Pre-game along to Mac's I Love Life, Thank You fan appreciation mixtape which has features and production from Bun B, Mikey Rocks, Cardo, 9th Wonder, Jerm, Talib Kweli and more. Because it's only right that if he took the time out to release a special project for fans, that you don't flub up the words when you get to the show.

2. Pre-order Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park. Seriously, it's for a good cause! Miller kept his word on releasing a special single when he reached 25K preorders and has promised to donate $50,000 to The Make a Wish Foundation if he reaches 50K.

3. Add show opener Casey Veggies' Sleeping In Class to your pre-show playlist. You can't rep SoCal and not be well-versed in Veggies. Pay close attention to “Riding Round Town,” “DTA (which features his boy, you might have heard of him: Tyler, The Creator?) and “30,000.”

4. Cop the new Billboard magazine with Mac Miller on the cover and actually read the the story on him. It attempts to capture the allure of the Pittsburgh kid who has more than 180 million views on YouTube, 1.4 million friends on Facebook and more than one million followers on Twitter.

5. Fully charge your batteries. If you end up with a camera at the Tuesday show you'll thank yourself later, as it's expected to be one of those epic, straight-to-YouTube nights where everyone who didn't make it is jealous of the kid who did and has the footage to prove it. You could be that kid! Mac Miller and Pac Div are both dropping their debut albums that day and are sure to have some surprises in store for their releases. Can't wait to see what goes down!

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